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Make Your Next Gift Extra Special


Our car bows are an excellent choice for your next gift. They look great on cars, fridges, front doors, boats, you name it!


We. Do. Bows. Really, really big bows. You know what we’re talking about: the kind of bows dreams are made of!

You have probably seen the commercials on television and advertisements on the internet. Picture this: it is nighttime, and it’s snowing lightly. A woman leaves her house to get in her car and notices there is a new car where the old car used to be…and there’s a giant bow on the hood of the car! She turns and sees her husband standing in the window smiling. What a great image.

Can you imagine? Where did that big bow come from? The big bow on top of the car makes the gift seem larger than life!

That’s Ribbon Large.  We do really big bows!

Beautifully crafted and ready to bring your next big gift, event, or decoration to life, Ribbon Large has got you covered for all your big bow needs.

You won’t find a better big bow on the market. Ribbon Large offers high-quality bows that measure 23” in size. That’s a gigantic bow! Our bows are designed to sit on the front of cars, but don’t let that stop you from imaging all the ways you can use a big bow in your company, product launch, or personal gifting needs.

Ribbon Large bows come  make anything you place them on more exciting!

Make Your Gift Perfect

Shipped To You Fast

Loved By Everyone!

Our big bow prices are second to none. You will not find a better bow price matching the quality and sophistication of our enormous bows. We take pride in our product because we know you are relying on it to give your product that something extra special.

Order one or order hundreds. We are happy to fill orders of any size!

Why not use a big bow!? Everything in life is bigger and better and shouldn’t the way we adorn our gifts and products be bigger and better too?